LG has announced a tool that allows any user to manage their smartphone from a computer. LG VPInput does not offer complex functionality, on the contrary, makes things easier to help complete certain tasks, avoiding the user having to interrupt their work by having to control their mobile device. The application is free, is available for Android and desktop (Windows and Mac), requires a Bluetooth connection and is compatible only with three cell phones sold by the Korean manufacturer: LG G4, LG G5 and LG V10.

LG joins to this new way to control our smartphones remotely, using keyboard and mouse with VPInput. In practice, mouse clicks become our fingers to touch the phone screen, and keystrokes are transmitted to the device. After downloading and installing this application, the user must first pair the device via Bluetooth. This technology is certainly present in all current smartphones and in some laptops, but in desktop computers is a rarity. The best option might be to use a WiFi connection, among other things, because it operates at a greater distance.

LG VPInput offers three main functions. All text copied to the clipboard can be shared between PCs and smartphones, using the famous key combinations CTRL + C (copy) and CTRL + V (paste). You can also take a screenshot of your phone with screen print button and send the image to the computer. Finally, the user can use the function keys F1, F2 and F3 to start the application installed on his device.

LG did not provide more information, so it is not known whether it will add support for other phones or if they are going to introduce new features in the future.

LG VPInput allows you to control your Android smartphone from PC