The presentation of LG V20 has left many speechless, thanks to a data sheet comparable with those of a true high-end smartphone and some really unique features within a body generously sized with 5.7 inch screen; but who would not like to have a smartphone LG V20 practically the same, but with a smaller screen of 5.2 inches and with IP67 certification?

Probably for some it may be a dream, but now it has a name: the LG V34 isai Beat, a new device launched by LG for the Japanese market (lamentably). As already mentioned, the LG V34 isai Beat incorporates LG V20 technical specifications and software features within a body with a smaller size, the water resistance (temporary immersion) and the dust resistance were added (in addition to the difference referring to the screen of 5.2 inches compared to 5.7 inches of the known model). In addition we found a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4 GB of RAM, dual screen, dual camera, Quad DAC to the section dedicated to audio and microphones made with Bang & Olufsen. Moreover, also the battery remains the same as in the LG V20, 3000 mAh, which could give this LG V34 isai Beat a greater battery life.

Despite its subjective interest, most likely the LG V34 will never reach our markets. The new device of the Korean company is, in fact, offered exclusively by a Japanese phone operator, named Au Japan, and will be sold from mid-November only in the country of the rising sun. At least for now. In fact, it is a pity that once again LG has forgotten the European market, but we hope that, however, one way or another we can testing the new LG V34, which on paper is indeed one of the smartphones more interesting in this final part of 2016.

LG V34 isai Beat, LG V20 mini not available in Europe 1

LG V34 isai Beat, LG V20 mini not available in Europe