According to the report by the Korean website ETNews, it seems the LG G5, precisely because of the modularity, has not achieved the success expected by LG analysts. The main consequence of this disappointment in sales is that the company would consider leaving the support of the "Friends" modules for the LG G6. According to anonymous sources, under this reasoning, it seems that LG will prefer to adapt to consumer demand rather than spending time and resources to propose new innovative ways (involving an even greater spending by the user).

At the same time, a few months ago, an executive of LG said the LG G6 will also be a modular smartphone, and it seems that there are disagreements within the Korean company among those who want to leave the modules right now, and those who believe that the completion of its support would be a snub too big for consumers who have already invested money to buy (as would not have any use after only one year of use).

This year, Lenovo has also adopted the concept of modularity with the Moto Z, and may still be too early to know its significance, or whether users will embrace this new philosophy for technology. In any case, we will know the results within a few months, when LG announced its new flagship and show us if it continues with the same policy or returns to the previous product (which ultimately was not too successful, two years ago).

LG G6 without Friends, disaster response to the LG G5 1

LG G6 without Friends, disaster response to the LG G5