Just a few days away from the Mobile World Congress, rumors related to which will be LG's flagship smartphone intensify. Although it is true that in the case of the LG G6 almost all the details have already been released (from the waterproof protection of the metal casing in a thin body to the 18:9 format display), the truth is that yesterday was released an interesting addition to the specifications. The abandonment of the modularity in the smartphone and, therefore, the disappearance of the external B&O module, will not prevent LG from staying at the same level, as far as sound quality is concerned. In fact, the LG G6 will not only be the star product of the company in terms of performance, also when connecting to it a set of headphones or analogue hearing aids.

LG G6 promises the best possible audio in a smartphone 1

That is, contrary to what many thought, with the LG G6 will not remove the audio jack, but will further satisfy the needs of those who use a smartphone to listen to music. This means that when you load songs on your phone, it will keep the resolution uncompressed or with high quality. According to LG, the new G6 has an sound system developed with DAC, and even more advanced than the one used in the recent LG V20 and specially designed by ESS for LG. The idea, therefore, is to find a smartphone with the best audio possible and with hardly any contricantes that match.

LG G6 promises the best possible audio in a smartphone 2

DAC will be made by Sabre specifically for LG. As we have known, it will be a Quad DAC, a 32-bit dual converter for each of the channels, with an established signal-to-noise ratio and a dynamic range superior to that of the already excellent LG V20. Among the innovations, in addition to improved performance, we will also see individual control of the two stereo channels to better manage the balance. In addition to having four 32-bit converters, and being able to separately manage the left and right channels, the possibility of using noise-canceling management in the LG G6 is also excluded.

LG G6 promises the best possible audio in a smartphone