With the launch of the first smartphone on the market with Android Nougat just around the corner (the new LG V20), begin to emerge new information about the timing of updates to the new version of Android to the main Android smartphone by the Korean brand. At the forefront of this updates program, LG will not only introduce the LG V20, but must be one of the first companies to update its 2016 high-end, the LG G5, Android 7.0 Nougat.

As stated by a mobile operator in Australia, updating to Android Nougat, probably in version 7.0, is now undergoing testing for LG G5. The plans also provide for an official launch in late November. Therefore, we can assume that if these rumors are confirmed, all copies of the LG G5 will be updated to the new version of Android in late 2016, possibly being the first to do so.

To facilitate the task of software update to Android Nougat, LG G5 has similar specifications to those of LG V20, the first phone with Nougat preinstalled to be released in the international market. For now, anyway, LG has not released any official statement regarding the timing of updating its current flagship vessel of its line, and therefore have to wait a little before getting a little more information.

For example, the LG G5 will be one of the first cell phones, with the exception of the Nexus range, which will be updated to Android 7.0. The source of information is Optus, the Australian mobile operator, so it is very likely that the no brand model could receive Android 7.0 shortly before the period set by the company. Recall that at the end of this year Android Nougat should also reach the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 as well as some other high-end Android devices released in 2016. Again, however, the official information is scarce.

LG G5 with Android 7.0 Nougat in November, at least in Australia 1

LG G5 with Android 7.0 Nougat in November, at least in Australia