Farewell to bacteria, microbes and dust. Kyocera presents in Japan a water-washable smartphone: Rafre. This is not the first waterproof smartphone, obviously; many other models, not just known brands, have come to market with the reputation of being indestructible, even in the face of the risks of immersing themselves in water (there are various degrees of resistance, also for dust). In spite of everything, the reality is often quite different and, in case of falling in the water, we can find a smartphone that we can not turn on for at least hours or days.

This Japanese smartphone, beyond being water resistant, can be washed like any other kitchen utensil. With cold or warm water. With soap or in a bubble bath. The methods are not important, because whatever they are the result does not change. You may even be able to wash in the shower (in case you can not even be far from it at that moment). This washable smartphone will be sold from March in Japanese stores and will be available in three different colors: white, light blue and pale pink.

Kyocera launches water-washable smartphone and is called Rafre 1

Kyocera Rafre, the washable smartphone: technical specifications

But is it only this detail that makes this new Kyocera smartphone special? In practice, this is the reason why the speakers have been removed, preventing the usual reception of calls, but avoiding the entry of water and dust. Sound, in this case, is transmitted using Smart Sonic Receiver technology through the 5-inch display with high definition resolution. It is a smartphone with 2 GB of RAM and with Android 7.0 Nougat as operating system. The internal memory of the device has room for 16 GB expandable by means of a micro SD card up to 200 GB. In addition, the Kyocera Rafre is also equipped with two cameras, the main 13 megapixels and a front 5 megapixels. Finally, the battery is 3,000 mAh.

Kyocera launches water-washable smartphone and is called Rafre 2

Due to the possibility of using it in the kitchen without risk, in the device has been inserted an application dedicated to the lovers of the kitchen. Among the features provided, there will be a timer, with ability to respond to calls with gestures without need of touch and a database of recipes to consult. In case you have dirty hands made of flour, oil or water, it will no longer be a problem, you can wash your smartphone at any time.

Kyocera launches water-washable smartphone and is called Rafre