The official launch of the HTC X10 seems to be imminent: the presentation could take place during the CES 2017 to be held in Las Vegas, or at an event organized by the Taiwanese company by January 12, 2017. Anyway, and lately always through the leak of several rumors about technical details, it seems complicated that this smartphone can become the workhorse of the company for next year: it has mid-range specifications and does not stand out in any aspect (neither visual nor internal). There are more and more manufacturers of mobile devices that, although they do not present anything that stands out above the average, with each release add a special feature, in order to attract the market, it is often the camera, sometimes the battery. The HTC X10 is nothing short of extraordinary: it is a decent mid-range smartphone with few pretensions. On the other hand, the expected price is not very high, and perhaps that is its biggest claim.

Like its predecessor (we are talking about the successor of the HTC One X9 introduced at Christmas 2015), the X10 will be a mid-range device with nothing spectacular in terms of technical specs: on board this cell phone we will find a 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), all supported by the Android operating system (presumably from the beginning with the latest version), powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 octa-core processor and 2 GHz frequency, and accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. The only feature that we could highlight above average in the range we move (although equally ordinary), is the rear camera, a 13 megapixel sensor that, thanks to the addition of optical image stabilization, could be interesting for amateur fans of photography.

HTC announces mid-range Android smartphone and is called X10 1

Among the things that indicate if the HTC X10 will be the protagonist of the event organized on January 12, is the fact that HTC can present a mid-range smartphone (as happened with the HTC One X9). With this move, the Taiwanese company could measure the market situation a few months before, in anticipation of the arrival of the future flagship device, in this case the HTC 11, a high-end smartphone that could include a Quad HD 5.5-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB internal storage, dual rear camera of 12 megapixels, 8 megapixel front camera and a 3.700 mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0 technology. Otherwise, the other possibility is that the HTC X10 is presented in the days that go from January 5 to 8 (and that coincide with CES 2017), and the HTC 11 on January 12.

HTC's marketing strategy is always the same: release a couple of cell phones to the market, so as not to compete and define a specific target audience. In short, this is a big smartphone and yet compact. In addition, it incorporates a 32 GB internal storage, a Cortex-A53 CPU, and a Mali-T860 GPU with a frequency of 700 MHz. Little is known of the Western release of the HTC X10, nor is it clear the strategy for this smartphone at an international level (nor on the interest of users). At the moment, it is difficult to guess when such a launch could take place on the US market, either immediately after launch in Asia or months later. Interestingly, however, the price, yes it is quite competitive (or that seems to indicate all the opinions about it). Rumors put it at around $ 300, an offer that, in the unlikely event of an exact parity change with the Asian currency, would remain competitive.

HTC announces mid-range Android smartphone and is called X10 2

HTC announces mid-range Android smartphone and is called X10