Interesting news from Google. The company has launched in the last hours an important update for the application Translate for Android. With the same update, as reported by Ubergizmo website, the user is able to translate a content much more easily and faster than before, thanks to the introduction of a feature called Tap to Translate, which expands the translation used to each part of the operating system, thanks to the possibilities introduced last fall by Android Marshmallow.

Tap to Translate is displayed as a small button that can be moved freely around the screen as a Messenger conversation, and appears when you tap the text to be translated into any application, either a chat, the lyrics of a song you're reading in the browser or a comment on Facebook. With a touch Google will show the icon for proper translation, and when opened will have the opportunity to see the meaning of the text itself using and disposing of the 103 languages ​​of the software. The feature currently only works for Android 4.2 versions and on.

Google Translate now works on all Android applications 1

Another new feature being added to Google Translator with the latest update and highlights the support offline of translation in iOS, so it is possible that Apple customers can also download this application for languages at a much lower weight that in the past. The configuration of this app is very simple, just click the arrow next to the name of the language for downloading translated texts regardless of the Internet connection (with the possibility of also using the new function Tap to Translate); also introduces the online support for the Filipino language, with functionality leading to a total of 52 languages. Updating the translator of the Big G also brings support for Word Lens to the Chinese language, with the existence of instant visual translation.

To test the new Google Translate personally you only have to download the application update available for iOS and Android.

Google Translate now works on all Android applications