Unexpectedly, Google announced Nearby for Android, a service to discover new things around us while we are traveling or moving. In the Android Play Store there are more than one million applications, many of them created for use in a place or in a specific situation. For example, in a museum, you might want to enrich your experience with an audioguide, or scan a barcode in a store to receive a discount.

For these reasons and for these occasions is now born Nearby, the new service for Android that observes things (mainly applications) that can be useful at that particular time. Some examples may be near an airport, an invitation to download the application from an airline to make a little more entertaining flight, or avoid queues with a mobile electronic passport before arrival at the same, or even indicate the presence of Chromecast or Android Wear device nearby to make a connection.

To enable Nearby you only must to activate the Bluetooth and Geo-location; then you will be notified whether the service is available in the area. Nearby launching will be gradual and all users with a smartphone Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher will receive it as part of Google Play services (and therefore Google applications). The interesting thing is that more features can be also implemented by Google and then really enjoy many services and applications in the future.

Google shows Nearby for Android to discover new things around us