WebView is an extension that Android offers to developers for the ability to display web content in their applications without having to use an external browser. This application has undergone several modifications and changes over time, and is about to experience a new change, as has been reported by Google through the web dedicated to developers.

In fact, the thing with WebView in Android is that it allows displaying web content within applications without the support of a full-fledged browser. The application has gone through Chromium, then by a beta channel to continue further developing, and since last year, with Android System WebView, officially landed in the Google Play Store, receiving constant updates and changing radically compared to the initial application.

Well, now, with the final arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat, there will be more changes for this component because WebView becomes in fact part of Chrome, for even more depth to handle all web content. To make use of integration, any developer will have to start at least from version 51 of the browser in combination with Android 7.0, and the default value with which you will use is the classic Chrome APK.

Precisely in order to avoid data and work loss, WebView will not receive updates from the Play Store, provided that the provision added to Chrome will remain active on the device. If you want to change the way WebView is supported, go to Developer Options and there you can still return to the previous version, excluding the latest version of Chrome. Google has announced that this new solution is more efficient than the precedent for the use of memory.

Google integrates WebView in Chrome with Android 7.0 Nougat