Android Experiments is the contest that Google launched earlier this year, which challenged participants to create an innovative experience in the Android world. The contest offered a website ( where you could present the project, technology or idea. Today finally the three winners were announced and will win a trip to the annual conference held by Google in California (Google I/O 2016) and a voucher for $ 5,000 to use for hotel and food during the event. Besides the three winners, the following five winners will receive a Nexus 6P. These are the three winning projects:

 Autonomous Android Vehicle

Among all Android Experiments, perhaps this is the most interesting: a vehicle for autonomous driving, which is able to follow an object of a certain color with the help of a Nexus 5X. The device, mounted on top of the vehicle, is connected via Bluetooth in order to be controlled. Apparently, the results are truly amazing.

Google announced the winners of Android Experiments 1


HungerMoji is an application, or rather a game, that has the particularity to be developed within the notification panel; It is precisely for this reason that has managed to beat the competition from other Android Experiments. Its operation is very simple: we must raise a smiley only with certain foods that float around the screen as notifications do. This idea can now be tested by the users, since the application is now available in the Play Store.

3D Controller

The third Android Experiments that has been awarded with participation in the next Google I/O is this 3D Controller that offers different interfaces for your smart TV or toys, offering great potential for movement and a pointer with infrared sensors to Android devices. This project is also available for download.

As for the other five competitors (who were rewarded with a Nexus 6P for their projects), these are the names:

Lens Launcher
Eye Drop
3D Gesture-Based Authentication
Increasing Motorcycle Safety

Google announced the winners of Android Experiments