It has not been too long since the presentation and marketing of modular phones Moto Z and Z Play, but the Chinese Lenovo is already projecting thoughts to the future with a new smartphone on the horizon. The latest information on the ongoing work of the company come from famous @evleaks, known for leaking images and advances on mobile network, has shown today in Twitter the first image of a device that until now remained in the shadows.

Dubbed amiably as #mysterymoto, the gadget shows itself comparable to design of those of Moto Z line, so you can imagine that Lenovo intends to expand the number of compatible phones with additional modules Moto Mods. In fact, it does not seem to include major changes, only one detail: the disappearance of the front sensor for fingerprints, replaced by a grid that did not appear in previous models of the Moto series, now dedicated to the stereo speakers above and below from the screen.

Moving the biometric sensor to the back of the device, Lenovo makes it impossible for the implementation of the Mods, but at this point all intuition is useless: the front render shown is the only information available for the moment on this new smartphone. The image in question -quite blurry- shows a LED flash along with a front camera in the upper right. A few days ago two other devices with model number XT1662 and XT1663 were leaked, but already been associated with the Moto M line, and have nothing to do with the image leaked today with the hashtag #mysterymoto.

From Lenovo comes a new smartphone Moto 1

From Lenovo comes a new smartphone Moto