The Facebook app is not perfect, we know, but despite this is used by millions of users worldwide. Fortunately, the good thing is that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are constantly working to bring new and interesting features to their app. The latest update of Facebook allows you to download online videos to watch them without internet connection.

If you are one of those who have tried to open an Internet video and have found that you don't have enough data, or wanted to watch it without using data and without internet connection nearby, now can breathe easy, because the video will stay within the Facebook application. This is very different from the still recent function that only allowed you to save videos in a special section and play them.

That is, until now, the app still lacked the ability to download and view videos offline on Facebook. This feature highly requested by users of the popular social network, has been implemented in the last official update of Android deployed in the last hours. Thanks to that, you can now save and watch videos from versions 85 and 86 of the application (beta).

The interesting thing is that the videos do not take up space on your phone, because they are available only in the application, and there will also be following the same process to upload photos, because you can choose whether to allow other users to download your videos or not, so even with this new version of Facebook will be impossible to download content to view offline.

That is largely the disadvantage of this news. In fact, the multimedia content can be viewed only through the official Facebook application for Android, as we mentioned earlier. Therefore, you can not find the original files directly to the internal memory (or microSD) of our device. This limitation is related in some way because Facebook will share content that does not generate income. In fact, if a user shared a video with a friend, the latter could see it without advertising, which has nothing negative.

We all know, however, that the official Facebook application is known for its excessive consumption and battery problems. In short, we do not recommend using the Facebook app for a long time to watch videos. The battery of your device will be thankful.

Facebook for Android now allows videos even offline 1

Facebook for Android now allows videos even offline