Most of the updates for the app Facebook for Android have to do with the server itself more than with improvements that affect users and prompts them to download new versions from the Google Play Store. This is the case of the latest innovation introduced in the world's most famous social network. For now, this update is only for Facebook for Android.

Facebook for Android: Floating Action Button (FAB) improved in Messenger

Facebook for Android introduces new FAB to chat with pages 1

Thanks to the update of the Floating Action Button, it is now easier to dialogue with pages, personal or commercial activities on Facebook. The FAB button is at the bottom right with the Messenger icon. Thanks to this button the user can quickly send a message, whether it is a request for information or an answer.

Pressing the FAB will open a new form of image that allows you to send a message by adding pictures already taken, new photos, voice messages, and now also your position. A novelty that keeps up with the changes that Google offers, and which testifies to the attention that puts Facebook on its users, by simplifying the interaction with activities that are available in Messenger, an increasingly useful app for the interaction with users. Just click on the button to be able to quickly write on a page, an activity, a thought, a video or a simple greeting.

Certainly, this is not a revolutionary innovation, but it is fair to point out that Facebook is simplifying the interaction between users and pages. The social network has gone from being something personal and to friends, to being something much more related to business and between clients and opinions. In fact, many companies already offer chat support in the app to communicate directly with clients.