Starting in April, Facebook and Messenger mobile applications will no longer work on some smartphones. The announcement comes from the same social network, so there is no doubt. The devices excluded from the support on Android will be those with Facebook v55, Messenger v10, Facebook v26 for iPad, Messenger v8 for iPad, Messenger v8 and Facebook for iOS (version released in October 2011), Messenger for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and Facebook for Windows 8 and 8.1 in the desktop application.

Facebook has announced this disconnection against users as follows: "Our team is constantly working to ensure that users can exchange messages in the best way with friends and family. One of the ways to keep improving is to introduce new features such as video calls or voicemails, games and so on.Using the previous version of the application, this new added feature works poorly or does not work at all.Therefore, we are asking those using old versions to update them for that can enjoy these new characteristics."

Facebook Messenger enables Live Location

Facebook and Messenger are no longer available on some smartphones 1

And if all this was not enough, and as another excuse to end the support to the older versions, now comes this news. First it was the turn of WhatsApp, then of Google Maps, and now also in Messenger. From now on, the app can share your location in real time, for up to an hour. The news was announced by Mark Zuckerberg's company, which will gradually be available worldwide for iOS and Android versions.

Facebook ensures that this feature has already been proven and have proven that using Live Location is useful when it comes to coordinating the location with friends, tell someone how close they are to reach a destination or to what extent the trip is located to make an appointment, to name a few examples. Simply touch -both on iOS and Android- on the position icon in a message to start sharing wherever you are. At that time, you will see a map of your current position and the possibility of sharing it live.