This year could change the trend of one of the axioms that have governed until now the world of the applications and the businesses directed to the smartphones. This axiom, according to which real money comes only from the iPhone and iPad, could disappear from the map this year. At least that's what it seems, according to App Annie, a company dedicated to the analysis of mobile applications, which ensures that in the year 2017 for the first time the market will be higher with respect to the sale of applications through the digital store available on Android than on iOS. That is, the Google operating system will generate a greater benefit for developers.

But growth will not only occur in the Google Play Store. In App Annie's forecast, it appears that the volume of business around the Mountain View Android store will amount to 42 billion dollars, while another 32 billion will be moved by other digital stores outside the official Google circuit, such as those owned by Amazon and Samsung, as well as application stores in China and in other countries where Google can not offer its most advanced services. By contrast, the volume of transactions around the Apple application store will rise to 60 billion dollars.

The fact that the figure for Android will be distributed among multiple sales platforms, however, does not diminish the importance of these figures, on the contrary. Because so far the situation has always been completely opposite: despite the overwhelming spread of Android, the increased propensity to pass iOS users has always made it more convenient for developers -at least for those looking for revenue- privilege the writing of your application for the operating system of the Cupertino and its App Store.

Developers will increasingly make more money with Android and Apple 1

Developers will increasingly make more money with Android and Apple