Since the project BitTorrent Bundle, created to enable emerging artists to share their work on the network, now the BitTorrent Now is a new application for Android, which provides music legally and streaming content as video on demand.

BitTorrent Bundle was born in 2013 with the aim to provide musicians and producers a video platform on which to display their contents. Although it was initially aimed at emerging artists, this project also features some familiar names like Tom Yorke, Moby and David Cross.

Although the name of BitTorrent is mainly associated with the known file sharing software, it is also used to share copyrighted works, and BitTorrent Now is completely legal and provides all content uploaded by the artists themselves. In fact, BitTorrent Now creators have confirmed that do not want to limit its application to transfer music and video, but also want to support content provided by Virtual Reality and other new formats.

Moreover, this application is similar to other streaming services better known, with the ability to follow your favorite artists, or keep your data synchronized across all devices used and save the contents of your terminals. Like other similar services, at least in its free version, the content will be accompanied by advertising. BitTorrent Now does not use peer-2-peer protocols, but according to an interview published by The Verge, the CEO Jerm Johnson said that this technology will be implemented soon.

But why an artist should prefer one of these platforms instead of the existing ones? Straith Schreder answers this question by saying that, while other services are focused on a single format, either music or video, BitTorrent Now does not impose any restriction, allowing artists to experiment freely according to their needs.

Currently you can access the application via the browser, either by introducing BitTorrent Now in the search, or by downloading the application through Android. Moreover, it is expected that the release of version for iOS and Apple TV also comes sooner rather than later.

BitTorrent Now is a new application for streaming coming to Android