The wait is over. Essential Products has just officially presented itself with what it has defined as the anti-iPhone. The smartphone company founded by Andy Rubin, will reveal in three days, Tuesday, May 30, the new smartphone of the former co-creator of Android. Although there is still no information on the venue that will host the event, the date is official.

High-end Android smartphone

Andy Rubin, co-creator of Android, has new smartphone 1

To increase the mood of anticipation around the product (which will presumably compete in the market with Pixel, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8), the company has also given some clues using an image in its official Twitter account.

The image itself is quite dark, but you can see the silhouette of a smartphone, the classic buttons for the volume, which should be the button on and off, and also some bumps that seem to be somewhat more accessory. Rumors fresh from the internet, say that Andy Rubin has been working on at least one product to accompany the phone and this could be a 360-degree camera manufactured ad hoc.

From the previous rumors it is known that the phone will be equipped with a very small structure and ambitious specifications, including a screen 5.5 inches with an unusual resolution of 2,560 x 1,312 pixels, a processor Snapdragon 835, which will use 4 GB of RAM, and a main camera of 12 megapixels.

And while it would be reasonable to expect the device to have Android as the operating system, so far we do not know if it will use a stock version of Google's operating system or if a custom version will be implemented. Given that this is not the only device that Essential Products is developing, it may provide an interface that ties everything into one. In any case, it is still difficult to say. In the next few hours, taking into account the waiting days until the event, we will know more.