Google has just released the third Developer Preview of Android Wear 2.0 which sees its biggest innovation in the introduction of the Play Store app on smartwatches compatible. Given that, with the new version of the operating system native applications will be supported on the watch itself, it is natural that start arriving directly to the Play Store, so it can be downloaded directly from the wrist. In any case, the user can install any application he wants through voice search, keyboard or writing freehand.

Developers interested in to start using Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 3 or publish applications on the Play Store, you can find information from the hand of Google, responsible for the development and maintenance of the operating system and the online store aimed at mobile applications. Other developments will include the introduction of Smart Reply, or what is the same, the possibility of smart responses generated by the watch, without sending data to the cloud, immediately upon receipt of messages and many other technical innovations for developers, allowing the creation of lists, actions and more, as you can see in the pictures.

To test the Developer Preview 3 of Android Wear 2.0, you also need to install a beta version of the application for Android Wear on your smartphone, flash the Developer Preview on your smartwatch, and use the application on your phone to add a Google account. Still, if you stay wanting to know more about it, you can find a complete guide to this link.

And now the bad news: Android Wear 2.0 will be released in early 2017, contrary to what was expected, and before that happens, there will be a fourth developer preview. Perhaps the lack of new models is one of the reasons for this postponement, or maybe Google just wants to pick up other feedback, but the fact is that at this point we think that even the "Smartwatch Nexus" can be considered postponed until next year, if it comes.

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 3 released, but the final release postponed to 2017 1

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 3 released, but the final release postponed to 2017