The new Google operating system for Android smartphones is called Android O. For now this is the only certainty we have. We do not even know the name that the Mountain View company will give to the next version, the next after Android Nougat, although by the trend it seems possible to intuit that the chosen sweet could be the Oreo cookie. The truth is that the new version of Android should be present for the first time in the next Google I/O 2017, followed later by a gradual distribution in the following months until the final version is published in the fall of this year, coinciding with the arrival of the second generation of Pixel smartphones.

What's New

Android O, rumors of new icons and notifications 1

One of the main novelties of the sweetest operating system of the market, is without a doubt the picture-in-picture mode. That is, the possibility, for example, of working in a text document from a tablet while in a corner of the screen you also have a YouTube window. Another change: notifications, which have already changed with Nougat, could show a different design once again, and application icons could be enriched with badges (which for e-mail and chats would show the number of unread messages, for example). The icons, at least in the Google Pixel, should become something much more dynamic. The calendar application icon, for example, could finally give the date and not a generic number.

But, in any case, the most anticipated newness should be related to the battery. The battery life of our smartphones with this version of the operating system will aspire to be much longer than in previous versions. It is a new background management system that is actually a renovation of the already famous Doze (so loved by users), which allows a lower consumption of battery in standby situations. Other rumors, which we talked about a few weeks ago, seem to confirm the presence of new functionality to speed up the copy-and-paste process, which in turn will also save energy when using the web browser over the Internet.