With the new version of Android N Developer Preview, the third in this case, the Chrome web browser can open multiple tabs in the multi-window mode, a novelty that may initially we had escaped so, but that will certainly be useful for many users in the near future.

Specifically, the application of Chrome now creates new instances of itself, therefore not limited to the browser and let you take one part of the screen in multiple different windows, all thanks to a new special function in the Setup menu called "Move to another window." Importantly, the cards can be moved one at a time or both, but when the tab is loaded it is also possible to open new ones in the same window. The windows can be resized, and even web pages are subject to this reduction depending on the user, especially if the code supports them.

The function is also able to store the settings for future use, if you want to return to the main screen momentarily and then resume navigation in multi-window mode, for which there would be no need to repeat the operation. Obviously we are not sure whether the final version of Android N will have this feature and whether it will succeed among users, but the odds are high. The operation is done fairly intuitive and well done, but we have to wait to see if this feature will remain permanently on Android N. Again, we have to wait until the first stable version of the operating system to answer this question.

Android N Developer Preview 3 combines multiple windows in Chrome 1

Android N Developer Preview 3 combines multiple windows in Chrome