Update 3q from official firmware.

Remember to backup before starting the upgrade or installation process of the new firmware.

All configurations and data stored in the device's memory will be erased and the device will be reset to Factory Settings.

   1. Download your tablet’s latest version of firmware.

   2. Extract all files and folders from the downloaded ZIP archive.

   3. Open the “RKBatchTool.exe” file that is located in the extracted folder -> “BatchTool”.

   4. In the “FW Path” field specify the path to the Firmware file: “update”, that is located in the extracted folder.  http://www.3q-int.com.

updTE 3Q

   5. Turn on your tablet and connect it to PC via micro USB cable.

   6. One of the squares in the “Connected Devices” field will light up in PINK.


   7. Click “SWITCH” in the “Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7” program window.

   8. Windows will detect a new device. Install the driver, which is located in the “Drivers” folder.

      If your operation system does not not give you an option to choose the driver or fails to

      install the correct driver, go to “Device Manager” (Start Menu - Control Panel – Device

      Manager) and look for “Unknown Device”. Right click on it and select “Update drivers”.

      Install the driver from the extracted folder -> “usb_driver” folder.


9. If everything is performed correctly, a new device “Rockusb Device” will appear in the

    operation system. The square within the “Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7” program window

    rockchip batch toolwill change from pink to green.

   http://www.3q-int.com10. Click “upgrade” in the “Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7” program window.

   11. The green square will change to yellow showing that the software re-installation process has begun.

   12. As soon as the re-installation process is complete, you will see a system message

         verifying that the upgrade process has been successfully completed (it will take about 5 minutes).

   13. The tablet will reboot by itself.

   14. The first boot after an upgrade will take more time than a normal boot. Just be patient  and wait till the lock screen shows up.

SOURCE:  http://www.3q-int.com/support-2/  Here you can find the firmwares for to install it.